A bit of an outsider…

Last week I got the new PC game call “ALICE Madness Returns”, and basically I addicted to the game and the design of it; Character Design, Level Design, Imaginative elements…etc.

After I completed it, I feel like I want to do something design-ish about Alice in wonderland. So I looked back into last year Puffin Books cover design competition brief and redo it as a self initiated project.

After a few days I came up with this design. The idea is about revealing the Bright and mysterious side of wonderland. The cover changes depending on the amount of light intensity (day time and night time).

During day time, it illustrate Alice is falling into wonderland with the white rabbit’s umbrella, and also at the back of the book is the clock from the rabbits’ watch. During night time, the graphics remain on the cover and partially glowing light. The glow in the dark shape reveals the mysterious elements of wonderland such as the Cheshire Cat and also the Key at the back of the book.


Info graphics of the day

Info graphics of the day


Masters Degree Show 2011 is coming real soon… and here I am still working on it. (start wrap things up for the final proposals)

The following design will be more or less the final decision.

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My new website

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recap 3


Now is May and is getting closer to the end!

Been quite busy during April so now in May I need to concentrate more on my Uni work.

Master degree show

After a few sessions of meetings, my design had been selected but I need to change the theme name.

Some further development for the Master degree show logo + potential visuals. (click to enlarge)


What I a trying to do now is to create my contents as much as I can so that I can look at them all together in a bigger picture.

My traveling map (1987- present) places/ countries that I have been to.

My self portrait – plastic model

The idea of this is to demonstrate my self appearance in a different form.

Royal wedding

29th April, 2011


photos will be upload here soon.

recap 2


It was a really strange period. So MANY bank holidays! because of that I lost 2 tutorials and to be honest this is not really helping my projects at all.

D&AD results were out!

I did the body shop packaging brief and unfortunately I didnt win anything. But it was a great 3 weeks project experience.

Masters Degree Show

The end of semester 2 is getting closer and we all agree that we will set up a Masters degree show in July to have a quick conclusion of what we have been doing. I volunteered myself and join the MA degree show team to discuss about the branding for the show. We had a few sessions of group meetings and we shared quite a few ideas of what the visuals will look like for this degree show. and here is some of my attempts.


and of coz, I am also working on my major projects.

Just a quick recap of what my project is about. I am going to do several design (Information design, Graphic design) about my history, the past 23/4 years. What I have been doing? What did I look before? Where have I been traveled ?…etc.

and I did some quick mock ups as part of my developments.

Evolution of my hair (1987-2010)

My gaming history. (Handhelds, consoles and computers)

The design of this is to visually showing the amount of video/ computer games I owned before/ now, and I think to develop this I will put a time line as a duration measurement of how long I have been played on these gaming device.