New Page. In Ravensbourne.

The reason why I join the Ravensbourne is its reputation. The new campus space allows students to share their ideas and work with the others. The facilities allow me to experiment with media and solve problems practically. The diversity of the course itself gives me an opportunity to collaborate with different professionals such as designers from real industries and also students of other disciplines and this open atmosphere help me develop a greater networking for future career.

Ravensbourne is a place where I can explore more in depth of visual communications. Visual language is one of the simplest and most powerful tools to communicate with people. Communication Design is an idea based and mixed discipline between visual design and information-development which is concerned with how media intermissions communicate with their audiences. As I finished my degree, I realize that in order to create a good design you have to have a simple idea or story which delivered and well communicated amongst the audiences. ‘The idea is simple but the process of making it is complicated.’ And I think this is the most exciting experiences of doing communication design.

Currently I do not have a final decision on what am I going to do for my major project. My personal interest is looking at the relationship between graphic design and today’s culture, such as online culture related designs.

My expectation for this master course is to experiment different media as many as possible, work with the others and learn skills from their experiences, then bring them into practice in order to create new original designs.

I am hoping Ravensbourne can bring me a further understanding of what communication design is and also by its reputation to expand my network with design companies in London.


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