During the meeting.

Today we had a meeting with all the other MA design student and shared our thoughts on each specific projects.

theres a few Q&A after the meeting and from that we came up with a lot of questions and inspirations which related to what we really want to archive in terms of design projects.

3D students were saying about collaborating  with 3D technology  and fashion. They are thinking about creating a new dimension of display the 3D space such as cat walk space and shopping space. Here is a youtube link of 3D nintendo DS

This is just a short video to show how DS works with 3D screens. I think this technology can create not just the stimulation of senses but also the creating new elements within the virtual space.

By listening and looking at what the Environmental Design students do, I think they are trying to explore and develop architectural space, not just horizontally, but also vertically as well. And this reminds me of the PC game Mirror’s edge and portal 2. Both of them are games which navigate as first person view inside a virtual architectural space and also allows you to explore different dimension within the space



2 Responses to “During the meeting.”

  1. yeonsook Says:

    I enjoy shopping in a real world. It’s not a matter of buying products, but people are enjoying the atmosphere when they go shopping, so I can say it’s kind of leisure.
    Girls really like trying clothes on them and touching fabric since they are sensative in feeling.
    I think there is one thing 3D can help fashion for people who don’t have idea how to wear and match items,
    by showing the 3D images when they wear clothes.
    Scan their body and apply some items on them, then show them how it works in the virtual world! Also the program need to suggest them the best apperance. So, basically it helps people. too long?

  2. eullkim Says:

    I love & totally agreed the idea that u mentioned ; technology can create not just the stimulation of senses but also the creating new elements within the virtual space.
    I think meaning of “the real world” is enlarging these days.
    AR(Augmented Reallity) which is related my group project suggests how we should apply virtual reality to the real world~! (u know what?? i really want to live long to see the future. hahaha)

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