Cuddlin kitty. Kinectimals Fame Developer Q+A

Kinectimals – is a video game which using the Kinect technology for Xbox360. In his game, players can interact with the virtual animal in a manner akin to pet, teaching tricks, training or even just a free form playing.

The Game developer Q+A was on last night and it was a great experience to hear from the developer about the inter structure and the development of Kinects and Kinectimals.

During the Q+A sessions, David Braben, chairman of BAFTA-nominated Cambridge developer Frontier, did a short demonstration of how to interact the game with Kinect device and also made a discussion about the path of this interactive gaming technology.

One of the most interesting question from the talk is will the controllers be abandon due to this no-controllers systems and David B said,

“ Imagine call of duty with the Kinect, controllers with physical movement creating a maximum gameplay experience”

I think this is a really interesting idea of combining both controllers and kinects device. Because when I think back in the early days when people played FPS (first person shooters) games they often moved their body physically to avoid bullets but it was only a virtual gun fight on screen. This can be seen as a stupid gameplaying but I think with the kinect device, this can be more realistic and virtually more interactive to play the game.

After the Q+A event I did tried and play the game Kinectimals. One of the factors that draws me into this game is the character in the game. The baby tiger (obviously) virtually rendered in the game but its humanistic movement and expression are very adorable which triggered me for having a go to play with it. Part from that I think the actual game play is not as surprising as I expected. When I stood infront of the screen and start playing, subconsciously I slowed down my movement because I think this is still a virtual GAME and it needs time to synchronizes my movement into the screen.

I did enjoyed playing the game it is a very interesting technology but of course it still needs more time to improve the rendering and the lagging movements.

Finally,  my question is

‘Will this new gaming technology affects the Human social behavior especially children and teenagers?’


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