Back to south Kens.

Museum Trip today!

I went to V&A to see the camera-less photography exhibition and also have a wander in the Science museum.

The camera-less photography exhibition -Shadow catchers exhibition

This is an exhibition about 5 international photographers, Floris Neusüss, Pierre Cordier, Susan Derges, Garry Fabian Miller and Adam Fuss. They create images on photographic paper by casting shadows and manipulating light, or by chemically treating the surface of the paper.

In this exhibition, the term which they mention the most is photograms. (alternatively the luminograms and the chemigrams )

Photograms are made by placing an object in contact with a photosensitive surface in the dark,  and exposing both to light. Where the object blocks the light, either partially or fully, its shadow is recorded on the paper.

The term ‘photogram’ seems to have appeared around 1925. The photogram artist is not able to predict the results in the viewfinder of a camera, and often works in the dark. The final image is only apparent after physical and chemical manipulation or development.” V&A site.

I have learned a lot more about photograms after this visit and these photographers inspired me that I think photography is not just about how fast you can capture the objects or how beautiful the imagery is. It is about how you interpret your feelings or emotions into your picture, how you can expand the boundaries of the camera “think outside the box, see outside the frame.”


The Science Museum – the science of shopping?

After the V&A visit I went to the Science museum. The first thing that I saw part from the entrance is the shop, and it has a massive header say

“the science shop”

The Science of shopping.

I think this can be the most interesting thing to investigate from the whole science museum. To see how many people went in that shop, how much energy they consume, how much money they spend, how long did they stay, what is the age range, how much paper and plastic they bought…




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