Interactive N food.

Last night I went to a restaurant called ‘Inamo’ for my birthday dinner. This is a Japanese fusion cuisine restaurant and they have an interactive menus project on the tables. What you have to do when you order your food, you use the track pad on the table to move the cursor and select the categories you like. Then simply tab the items for more informations or placing order.

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This is such a new experience for me to play with interactive media inside a restaurant. I think the advantage of this interactive system is you can check your order anytime you want without asking the staff to come around. Also I like the way they project the food images on top of the plate just to give you a quick look of the food which you have selected. I think for the future it will be amazing if they have a hologram project on top of the plate so that virtually the food are placing on the dish.

The down side of this interactive system is actually quite confusing at the beginning. Not as same as the printed menu, I have to reveal the food choices by tapping them step by step and this actually took longer for me to read the menu.  Some how we need the staff to introduce the system and I think a good interactive design should be user friendly and understand it without explain it.

I think it will be nice if this table is entirely interactive. So that you can actually touch and drag the icons around the table or even drag the picture of the food on to your plate.


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