G L U G .

Went to the Glug tonight and it was a fantastic experience.

A few artist and designers such as Andrew Shoben from Greyworld and  Gabby Shawcross from Jason Bruges Studio were giving a talk about their work and why they were working as a designer.

The talks are very interesting. I really like their design attitude of  breaking boundaries and keep exploring and taking risk. One of the speakers Nick Taylor from  Squint/Opera showed us an example of a risk taking design. That project was about creating a futuristic and modern architecture but they were playing the ideas of the architectural space, exploring the features of After effect and ended up with a totally different thing from the original brief.

And of cause Andrew Shoben from Greyworld, excellent talk and well presented of his works. I love his idea about interaction with people through his work in order to discover how people react with them.


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