UCHIDA CORPORATE MUSEUM 100 | 100, Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. (Hatchobori, Tokyo 2004)

A small corporate museum built on the first floor of the Uchida Yoko office building in Hatchobori, Tokyo.
When icons are removed from the century of company history traced on a timeline on the wall, and placed on a table (projection table), information based on the product or business etc. in question appears in moving form.

The timeline on the wall is split at the year 2000, with 100 years either side. Half the space has been left blank so as not to simply present the path the company has travelled to date, but to leave scope for discussion on the future.

Some icons on the wall are accompanied by acrylic cubes containing miniature figures. you can takes the cube icon from the wall, and places it on the center table to reveal more informations about that specific item.

I really like this idea of projecting the past and future timeline of the cooperate, and also you can interact with the information from one screen to another. I think this is really innovative in terms of technology and exhibit design.


One Response to “Surrounding.”

  1. antonyjwhite Says:

    This is such a good idea. The thing that excites me the most is the crossover of the walls and table. This seamless interaction between the two platforms is something that is very relevant to where digital technologies are heading. This kind of thinking will push the digital age into a more immersive and collaborative direction.

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