TRON Legacy poster series.

Tron Legacy poster series.

Inspired by disney film Tron Legacy. This is a series of 8 posters which show the architectural environment of Tron world. And especially if you already watched TRON legacy, you can see these posters represents those significant moments through  out the film.

you can view more of this through my behance site, and of coz feel free to browse my other work. END OF LINE!

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hatred create another hatred


The plan. The Journey.

‘in Detail Exhibitions and Displays: Museum design concepts Brand presentation Trade show design’

This book shows a wide range of exhibition and event designs. The following pictures from this book are my favourite ones. The first one is an exhibition called “That’s Opera” travelling exhibition.

The design of this events space kept the essence of traditional italian opera, its architectural aspects, its tactile and fashion style are fill in the whole exhibition space.

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Another design from this book is a product design exhibitions “Serafini exhibition stand in Cologne”. The whole exhibition look and feel is very playful and illustrative. It almost looks like the hand drawn characters are actually talking in a big speech bubbles.

counting down.


Tatsuo Miyajima | Art in You” held at Art Tower Mito Contemporary Art Center, Japan.

His main concept from the onset of his career has been about “Life”.

In a dark room, LED digital counters are organized in a straight and radiating red light. Surrounded by those lights, there is a small room created for one person which is completely dark. Miyajima’s major works are made with LED digital counters. One of the important works is “Death of Time”, 1992, a masterpiece dedicated to the tragedy that occurred in Hiroshima. He adopts numbers from 1 to 9 (except 0) to establish continuity, connection and eternity. And expresses life by indicating death.

The most remarkable change is seen in “Counter skin”, the first photographic piece in his career. Miyajima photographed participants’ portraits at workshops held at Hokkaido, Nara, Hiroshima and Okinawa. While taking their pictures, he had conversation with each of them and took time to contact with them. At first, 8(a perfect shape in digital number) is painted on their body. Then, it is modified into a particular number and photographed in the place that they live. Painted on living human bodies, an inorganic digital numbers start to show up with full of life.

Some more thoughts.

Some sketches of our further development. Still thinking about the narrative/ Journey of the whole exhibition space and also think about the core idea of this exhibition.

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