Hiroshima Exhibition- Floor plan-

The design of this exhibition consists of three main part.
Right hand side part is before the Bomb detonation, middle part is during the blast, and the left hand side part is after the detonation.
The journey flow is from the right to left.
Our concept is based on the girl called ‘kiyoko kimori’ her experience on that day when the Atomic bomb exploded.
‘Kiyoko woke up early to go to school, she left her house and walked through the street then she arrived in school and stepped inside the classroom, at 8:15 the atomic bomb exploded in the sky, everything changed after the blasts. Hiroshima turned into a ghost city within a minutes. People cried for help and Kiyoko was making her way back to home but she realised her house was completly destroy and her parents were gone.’
In our design, we tried to visualise that japanese girl’s journey on that day and also the contrast of before and after the bomb exploded.
The first part of this exhibition contain three sections. The first session is a Japanese house, this is a visualisation of kiyoko’s home and what Japanese houses looks like during the 40s. The second session is a street view stand between her house and a tram. The third session is kiyoko’s school, and this area have items including school furniture, black board, clock, etc.
Then the middle part is about the actual blasting of the bomb. Here we will show an animation of how powerful the Atomic bomb is.
Also the second session of this part is a empty white room. This room is representing the white light from the blast. On the wall there are some texts which are the survivors’ description on the atomic blast.
The last part of this exhibition is about the aftermath. In this part of the exhibition people will see everything from the first part were being destroyed, school building and houses collapsed, the atmosphere turned grey and dark.

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