3 weeks and a bit…

Time is ticking. After the presentation on Tuesday I realized we already studied in Ravensbourne for 3 months, and now we are having quite a lot of projects and documents to do for our first semester assessment.

Here is my Research Strategy.

What am I going to do for the final project? I really can not tell the answer yet because there are still a lot of fascinating subjects which I need to explore and research on, for example I am really interested in branding, typography, cultural influence on design and second life (virtual space).

The reason why I have he motivation to do a project is my curiosity on how graphic designs can be translate into different aspect such as different language, its semiotics. Graphic design is a bridge that visually link between human kind and creative thoughts.


As I mention before my main key points are cultural influences, branding and typography. In order to find out what are they is to do a textual and visual research.

Reading books will do the main recourses for my research and also Internet is a very powerful tools for finding references and recourses. It will be a good start with put down the key words on the search engine through internet.  Those are the secondary research and sometimes if it is relavant to my work, a primary research should have done for a better preliminary research such as survey and interviews.


It is very important to use sketchbook and do a brain storming, to deconstruct and reconstruct the information and ideas. At the same time always refer back to the research that I have done to develop a further depth of analysis.


Basically from now on, I have 3 weeks to finish 4 main objectives. A manifesto poster, a 3rd individual project, 1500 words Learning Log review and 3000 words Individual text(aka literature review).

pretty much this weekend I want to finish my Manifesto and start my 1500 words Learning Log review. Then the next following weeks are basically focus on my 3rd individual project and the Literature review; one week for research and idea development, one week for further development and prototyping, one week for finalizing project work.

Here is a mind map for my manifesto (A very good start! haha!). What I put into this map is all things that I do all that time and also my believes as well. I think from doing this manifesto it helps you think about who you are and also this is a very effective way to show people your personality.


4 Responses to “3 weeks and a bit…”

  1. Elyse works in progress Says:

    What do you think about the visual thinking graphism?
    What could be the translation from thinking to drawing… How to draw abstract concepts? How to find way to draw graphics thinkings? Is that intenattional connection?!

  2. ravemapg01 Says:

    Look at issuu.com for how to put sketch books online..

    Look at visual thinking?

    Semiotics for Beginners

    Daniel Chandler


  3. Vicky Fox Says:

    i think you should focus on the creative process – i’d love to see a room floor to ceiling with your mind maps!

  4. ericachoi Says:

    it could be really interesting how the world wide branding can change into all different countries. As Yasi told u, same brand could change by the cultural thing. 🙂

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