Are we human? or are we just cyborg.

Is technology helping us, shapes us to be more human? or is it just a new subjects that let us just follows without any doubt?

Text from TED: Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist, examining the way humans and technology interact and evolve together. Like all anthropologists, Case watches people, but her fieldwork involves observing how they participate in digital networks, analyzing the various ways we project our personalities, communicate, work, play, share ideas and even form values.

What is Cyborg Anthropology?

Text from online document: A cyborg (shorthand for “cybernetic organism”) is a symbiotic fusion of human and machine. Anthropology, the study of humans, has traditionally concentrated on discovering the process of evolution through which the human came to be (physical anthropology), or on understanding the beliefs, languages, and behaviors of past or present human groups (archaeology, linguistics, cultural anthropology).

Text from A subsection of the Anthropology of Science dealing with human and non-human interaction, specifically prosthetic augmentation of natural systems and actors. Cyborg Anthropology studies tools as extensions of the body that can be removed and upgraded without having to rely on the time-consuming process of evolution.


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