D&AD sharpener

Last night I went to the D&AD sharpener and it was about what the judges expect from students and also how we should push our ideas further with the competition briefs. It was very inspiring to listen this year Jurys’ comments about last year winners designs and also their expectations for this year. I am entering the Body Shop packaging brief and one of the Jurys is a specialist for packaging design, Clem Halpin.

He comments on last year winner’s packaging design and he explained how and why this packaging is a winning design and after the talks I asked him a few question on the body shop brief. From Clem’s perspective he will expect us to create a new form of packaging not just the graphical label on products. He also mentions it is important that we consider with the use of materials and its’ funtion. The aim for this brief is to create a new packaging to re-dim what the body shop used to be, natural, against animal test, human right, green, but not a ordinary cosmetic shop.

I was a little bit confuse about this brief but after chatting with Clem now Im totally clear and inspired of what am I going to do for this brief. Just like the shower gel packaging from F.Bortolani and E.Righi. A piece of packaging that show an interesting appropriation of a medical blood transfusion bag for domestic usage.


Be fun with it! Always look back and check the brief! and break the boundaries!


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