Time. Compress.

All of a sudden, I got a new idea for my first time and space project that I really wanna do.

This idea was inspired by this  painting

I tried to find out who painted this piece.

This painting is a perspective art. You can reveal a proper proportion picture when you move and look from the side in a tight angle.

This type of art call anamorphic projection. The idea is in order to see the picture in proper scale you need to see them in a particular angle. Another example here: The community bridge.

Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image.  – From wiki

Now back to my new idea. The first project was about create a piece of art or design which articulate the theme of time. My last idea execution was taking the notion of journey, Time is a journey. Then I came up with a semi- final piece which use ant as a main focus and graphically explain its journey of life.

However, after I saw this painting from my photo archives. I got a new idea.

Time is a seeming-less thinking. It can be physical, metaphorical or psychological. Metaphorically we can stretch time by using different medias such as cameras, video recorders, slow motions, motion still, or fast forward.

So my idea is: Compression.

We compress time by using camera to catch that particular moment or that amount of time and space. We also put all the photos together to compress our memories; see the whole journey that we have been gone through. Therefore I think based on this idea my final piece will be something to do with anamorphic projection pictures/ photos and also need to visualise with some graphical elements such as typography.


One Response to “Time. Compress.”

  1. Typographic experiment « CJF "LOL"CHEN Says:

    […] This idea will be different from the Ant idea. Instead of time is a journey, this idea about compression of time. You can refer back to my previous post about the concept. […]

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