A bit of an outsider…

Last week I got the new PC game call “ALICE Madness Returns”, and basically I addicted to the game and the design of it; Character Design, Level Design, Imaginative elements…etc.

After I completed it, I feel like I want to do something design-ish about Alice in wonderland. So I looked back into last year Puffin Books cover design competition brief and redo it as a self initiated project.

After a few days I came up with this design. The idea is about revealing the Bright and mysterious side of wonderland. The cover changes depending on the amount of light intensity (day time and night time).

During day time, it illustrate Alice is falling into wonderland with the white rabbit’s umbrella, and also at the back of the book is the clock from the rabbits’ watch. During night time, the graphics remain on the cover and partially glowing light. The glow in the dark shape reveals the mysterious elements of wonderland such as the Cheshire Cat and also the Key at the back of the book.