Masters Degree Show 2011 is coming real soon… and here I am still working on it. (start wrap things up for the final proposals)

The following design will be more or less the final decision.

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recap 3


Now is May and is getting closer to the end!

Been quite busy during April so now in May I need to concentrate more on my Uni work.

Master degree show

After a few sessions of meetings, my design had been selected but I need to change the theme name.

Some further development for the Master degree show logo + potential visuals. (click to enlarge)


What I a trying to do now is to create my contents as much as I can so that I can look at them all together in a bigger picture.

My traveling map (1987- present) places/ countries that I have been to.

My self portrait – plastic model

The idea of this is to demonstrate my self appearance in a different form.

recap 2


It was a really strange period. So MANY bank holidays! because of that I lost 2 tutorials and to be honest this is not really helping my projects at all.

D&AD results were out!

I did the body shop packaging brief and unfortunately I didnt win anything. But it was a great 3 weeks project experience.

Masters Degree Show

The end of semester 2 is getting closer and we all agree that we will set up a Masters degree show in July to have a quick conclusion of what we have been doing. I volunteered myself and join the MA degree show team to discuss about the branding for the show. We had a few sessions of group meetings and we shared quite a few ideas of what the visuals will look like for this degree show. and here is some of my attempts.


and of coz, I am also working on my major projects.

Just a quick recap of what my project is about. I am going to do several design (Information design, Graphic design) about my history, the past 23/4 years. What I have been doing? What did I look before? Where have I been traveled ?…etc.

and I did some quick mock ups as part of my developments.

Evolution of my hair (1987-2010)

My gaming history. (Handhelds, consoles and computers)

The design of this is to visually showing the amount of video/ computer games I owned before/ now, and I think to develop this I will put a time line as a duration measurement of how long I have been played on these gaming device.