Royal wedding

29th April, 2011


photos will be upload here soon.


recap 2


It was a really strange period. So MANY bank holidays! because of that I lost 2 tutorials and to be honest this is not really helping my projects at all.

D&AD results were out!

I did the body shop packaging brief and unfortunately I didnt win anything. But it was a great 3 weeks project experience.

Masters Degree Show

The end of semester 2 is getting closer and we all agree that we will set up a Masters degree show in July to have a quick conclusion of what we have been doing. I volunteered myself and join the MA degree show team to discuss about the branding for the show. We had a few sessions of group meetings and we shared quite a few ideas of what the visuals will look like for this degree show. and here is some of my attempts.


and of coz, I am also working on my major projects.

Just a quick recap of what my project is about. I am going to do several design (Information design, Graphic design) about my history, the past 23/4 years. What I have been doing? What did I look before? Where have I been traveled ?…etc.

and I did some quick mock ups as part of my developments.

Evolution of my hair (1987-2010)

My gaming history. (Handhelds, consoles and computers)

The design of this is to visually showing the amount of video/ computer games I owned before/ now, and I think to develop this I will put a time line as a duration measurement of how long I have been played on these gaming device.



Went back to Hong Kong for 2 weeks holidays. Really nice to see my family and friends + the food!

Part from all the leisures, I still have to do some research for my project work. I went to the Central public library in Hong Kong and found some sources such as books, newspaper and microfilms for my project.



John sutton – memory

Hong Kong Year Book

and some other newspaper and microfilms form the central library.

It was very interesting to see this records about the history of Hong Kong and at the same time I felt like Ive been travel back in time when I was reading them.

Also I went to the museums and exhibitions and by coincident most of them were displaying the history of Hong Kong or looking back the history. I collected some leaflets after I visited them as a references.

Inspirations come from nowhere.

22nd Jan today.

This morning I went to the Saatchi gallery. Actually is been a while not visiting gallery and museum.

Steven Bishop - J'Adore


Toby Ziegler - Designated for Leisure

Jaime Gili - Ochoa


When I was looking at these art pieces, I was thinking is these art? or can they be design as in Graphic design? People say Art is pure creation and Design is a creation that functional for human living and also making money. But is this question divine what art and design is?

Went to the Gallery shop after the visit. (as usual!) Saw two books that I really want to have a read.


Masaaki Hiromura – What Design Can Do. What Design Should Do.

Rian Hughes - Culture

Masaaki Hiromura – What Design Can Do. What Design Should Do.

This book is about Masaaki Hiromura his Japanese design perception and what is design to our living style. Masaaki Hiromura was born in the aichi prefecture, japan in 1954. after graduating from musashino art university in 1977 he began working for tanaka ikko design office in tokyo.

Rian Hughes – Culture: Ideas can be dangerous

taken from the intro: “Culture is roughly anything we do and the monkeys don’t.” – Lord Raglan. Culture is your local consensus reality; your clothing, cuisine and hairstyle, the music you listen to, the films you see; your values, ideas, beliefs and prejudices. Culture, unlike race, is not quite an inevitability of birth, but ultimately, in its choice of statements, an intellectual position. Today culture has a powerful new vector: the internet. Ideas–from a YouTube video to a viral marketing phenomenon or a fundamentalist religion–are traveling further and faster, and changing the cultural landscape like never before. In a new electronic democracy of ideas, cultural power is devolving to the creative individual.


Back to south Kens.

Museum Trip today!

I went to V&A to see the camera-less photography exhibition and also have a wander in the Science museum.

The camera-less photography exhibition -Shadow catchers exhibition

This is an exhibition about 5 international photographers, Floris Neusüss, Pierre Cordier, Susan Derges, Garry Fabian Miller and Adam Fuss. They create images on photographic paper by casting shadows and manipulating light, or by chemically treating the surface of the paper.

In this exhibition, the term which they mention the most is photograms. (alternatively the luminograms and the chemigrams )

Photograms are made by placing an object in contact with a photosensitive surface in the dark,  and exposing both to light. Where the object blocks the light, either partially or fully, its shadow is recorded on the paper.

The term ‘photogram’ seems to have appeared around 1925. The photogram artist is not able to predict the results in the viewfinder of a camera, and often works in the dark. The final image is only apparent after physical and chemical manipulation or development.” V&A site.

I have learned a lot more about photograms after this visit and these photographers inspired me that I think photography is not just about how fast you can capture the objects or how beautiful the imagery is. It is about how you interpret your feelings or emotions into your picture, how you can expand the boundaries of the camera “think outside the box, see outside the frame.”


The Science Museum – the science of shopping?

After the V&A visit I went to the Science museum. The first thing that I saw part from the entrance is the shop, and it has a massive header say

“the science shop”

The Science of shopping.

I think this can be the most interesting thing to investigate from the whole science museum. To see how many people went in that shop, how much energy they consume, how much money they spend, how long did they stay, what is the age range, how much paper and plastic they bought…




Here are some of my brief understanding of time:




well… just keep exploring this place…..