Went back to Hong Kong for 2 weeks holidays. Really nice to see my family and friends + the food!

Part from all the leisures, I still have to do some research for my project work. I went to the Central public library in Hong Kong and found some sources such as books, newspaper and microfilms for my project.



John sutton – memory

Hong Kong Year Book

and some other newspaper and microfilms form the central library.

It was very interesting to see this records about the history of Hong Kong and at the same time I felt like Ive been travel back in time when I was reading them.

Also I went to the museums and exhibitions and by coincident most of them were displaying the history of Hong Kong or looking back the history. I collected some leaflets after I visited them as a references.



Write an autobiography

Look at ENTROPY – times arrow

ORLANDO – viguria woolf

John sutton – memory

PG04 progressssssssssssssssion

*Since last post – Finished my D&AD body shop competition brief. PG03 business project in progress. Few days off to Falmouth. *

Right! Now down to this PG04 business.

From what I wrote about Info Graphics in my literature review. What kinds of things that can be interesting to do?

I have been thinking about doing my own life time journey, I had a quite interesting life journey; born and living in HK, study in Wales, study in Falmouth, study in London… and of coz it will be quite interesting to see more detail like where ive been before for traveling, things that I like to play with (plastic models, video games, etc), my personal collections such as photographs and books.

Sound like I have a plan  to do, but I am still trying to breakdown and explore any other ideas, thinking about things that can be personal and little, things that I or people desire to do.

I have been looking at the other designers work, see how they interpret information into their design skill.

I looked at these designers work.

In general, it is really difficult for me to obtain a huge information/ data to design unless I involve with some science or engineer projects. However I think it still can be done just like the designers above, find something around you and collect them as a data source.

New Unit…

Last week I finished and digitally submitted the D&AD competition project. I’m so pleased that I got that done for the deadline.

just a recap from the last tutorial.

Few set of goals need to be consider:-

  • Develop ‘Infographics’ ‘journey’ of my life, chronology – time line.
  • Explore the concept of mapping journeys.
  • Find design company/agencies in London.

Now what I need to do is to find out more ‘in detail’ of what is it I want to do for my info graphic major… Time line, mapping, journey… narrow down of what I try to say, what is the story of my concept.

PG03 business unit. Need to catchup with the other group members. Need to research more on the existing technology and also the way of how companies sell their product, promotion strategy.

In addition, the PG02 project 1- picturing time. I think I will give myself one more full week to finish and submit the work.



Learning plan.

Typographic experiment

Just did a little bit of experiment for the last project: time and space unit 1.

This idea will be different from the Ant idea. Instead of time is a journey, this idea about compression of time. You can refer back to my previous post about the concept.

10 days! 10 days! 10 days! 10 days!

10 days till the deadline for PG01 and 02. !!!!

Done my manifesto posters, printing is progress

Try to finish off my learning plan now

Literature Review tomorrow

PG02 Uni3 and Unit1 recap on Sunday!

Thats my plan!

Stick with it!